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My touching experience

Hi, I'm ayu. Now i'm going to  tell you about my touching experience.

    one day,me and my friends breakfasting together at a restaurant in dipatiukur. Some of my friend is going to a mall.In the restaurant there is only me and one of my friend.     I was want to ordered a gojek,and my friend order a grab.she already found her grab driver but i cant found a gojek driver around there,my friend said that in that area there is no gojek driver.     I was confused and decided to download grab application to go home,because my mother cant pick up me because it is too far and my mother has to pick up my brother and I cant find a gojek driver.after i downloaded the grab application and ordered the grab,the driver is so far and I have to wait for a long time.My friend Grab driver come,at first she will wait me until my grab driver come,but the driver can't wait too long ,so she decided to go.     I was in the outside of the restaurant and there is only me in the night and I'm so s…
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Conversation with Tiara

One day, Ayu is doing her exercise in Saparua .she is running on the running track and then...

Tiara: aah!! Ayu: Oh, I'm so sorry! Tiara: that's OK. Ayu: I think I have seen you before. Tiara: Really? Ayu: Yes, your face looked familiar. Tiara: Oh, I think I have seen you before too.
Ayu: I'm sure i have seen you,but when is it?
Tiara: i can't remember it too,it's frustrating.
Ayu: wait, let's sit, I'm really curious.

They sit in the side of the running track.
Tiara: Do you go to Nusantara high school? Ayu: No, I go to Merpati High School.what about your Junior high school? Tiara: I go to Pelangi  Junior High School. Ayu: Yes!We go to the same Junior High School.There is where I saw you. Tiara: Yes!I remember it. Ayu: We go to the same school but I don't know your name.what is your name? Tiara: Yes, that's funny.I'm Tiara.what's yours? Ayu: I'm Ayu. I think everyone in the school knows my name.I'm really famous. Tiara: Oh really?so I'm an introvert …


Hi! my name is Mustika Ayu Utamie ,my nickname is ayu. I was born in Bandung, 18th of June,2002.I live in Bandung.I study at 3 Senior High School.I like singing,listening to the music,playing basketball,and playing with my cat.I have three cats,their name is Miko,hoshi and Olive.I like some kpop group,like Seventeen,Mamamoo,and Highlight.I was in a basketball team since elementary school until middle school.My position is center because I have a big figure.
     When I was in elementary school my dream is become a basketball athlete.but I change it when I was in middle school.In middle school dream is become a Singer.But now, i want to continue my study to UNPAD and become a doctor or a vet.
     Beside Music and basketball I like to read novel and comic.The genre that I like is mystery .for comic I like Detective Conan, and for novel I like Sherlock Holmes and Novel that written by Tere Liye. Because I like Detective Conan and Sherlock Holmes,I want to be a Detective.
    I like to wat…